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Ostland by David Thomas

1941 and for the idealistic young detective Georg Heuser his new posting to the renowned headquarters of the Berlin Police dept was a dream come true. Under the guidance of commissioner Ludtke, Hauser hopes to make a big impression on … Continue reading

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Above by Isla Morley.

For 16 year old Blythe, the Horse Thieves Picnic was the highlight of her year. Her school crush had come back into town and is escorting her to it.  Little does she know how her life is going to change … Continue reading

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Devils with Wings:Frozen Sun by Harvey Black

With the triumph of the invasion of Crete behind them, Paul and the rest of the Fallschirmjager are detailed to take part in Adolf Hitler’s invasion of Russia. Operation Barbarossa will be the largest land invasion ever seen and the … Continue reading

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Doppler By Erlend Loe

Every now and then you read a book that is totally bonkers but utterly brilliant. Doppler by Erland Loe certainly falls into this category. I must say this isn’t normally a book I would read, anyone who has read my … Continue reading

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Devils with Wings by Harvey Black

Harvey Blacks Debut novel, ‘Devils with Wings’ follows the fortunes of Paul and Max, members of the elite fallschirmjaeger parachute regiment who in 1940 lead the assault on the fortress Eben Emael in Belgium. First off we follow Paul, as he completes … Continue reading

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Afrika Reich

It is 1952, and a decade after Hitlers Panzer s destroyed the BEF on the beaches  of Dunkirk, Germany and the British Empire are at an uneasy peace. In Africa the two powers have divided the continent between them and … Continue reading

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