Wings of the Storm by Giles Kristian

Wings of the Storm is the final book in his trilogy Rise of Siguard and follows our hero, Siguard as he attempts the win reputation and more importantly, riches so he can finally confront the Oath breaker King Gorm.

Fighting for the warlord, Alrik in Sweden, Siguard and his crew find themselves besieged by a powerful Jarl who wants back what was stolen from him and revenge on Alrick who took it from him.

Proving indispensable to Alrick, Siguard and his crew quickly gain a reputation as powerful warriors and bringers of death to those they oppose and its seems that Siguard really is Odin favoured but when he pushes his luck too far it seems he may have drawn the attention and ire of Loki the Trickster.


Captured and facing being sacrificed on a altar of blood, Siguard must use all of his skill and those of his trusted crew to escape the knife and assemble a host big enough to finally bring justice to the Betrayer, King Gorm and revenge his family and become a Jarl in his own right.

This is a belter of a book to finish this amazing journey Siguard and Kristian have taken us on and captures all the best things about Kristian’s writing. Nobody else, In my humble opinion captures the savagery, the brutality, the bloodthirstiness of the Viking age as well as Kristian but he also captures the joy, the camaraderie and the sheer fun of a crew with an open ocean and the world at their feet. 

Kristian’s prose is as usual superb and you can feel his love of the Norse sagas and all things Viking in every word he writes and when he is describing the rituals and whims of the Old Gods you can almost physically feel them in the room with you such is the beauty and power of the prose.

I think I once described Kristian’s ability to write a battle scene as almost 3D like and he doesn’t disappoint in the final climactic battle of this book. He manages to cram into a paragraph the ferocity, the viciousness and gruesome bloodiness of battle and such is the power of the descriptive narrative that as Kristian builds layer upon layer of noise, blood, terror and brutality you feel yourself drawn into the heart of the scene.  

I don’t think I can recommend this book (and the Series) enough and if you are looking for a book that captures why we are still fascinated by the Viking age, 1000 years after it ended then you have just found it.   

Wings of the Storm is the fabulous final book in the Rise of Siguard series and the author once again brings to life the savage and brutal world of the Vikings in a way only he can. 

You can read my Interview with Giles Kristian here.






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