Brothers Fury by Giles Kristian

The Civil War is still ravaging Britain and for the Rivers family the conflict has been especially traumatic. On opposite sides of the war, the River brothers are both struggling to come to terms with the slaughter at The Battle of Edgehill. (The Bleeding Land)

For Munn, losing his father and brother in-law and only narrowly saving the family estate from Parliament forces has hardened his hearts against the rebels and traitors.  Determined to take the war to the Rebels, Munn leads his men wraith like against rebel supply columns and patrols earning himself a notoriety that the Royalist leadership are keen to exploit.


If it was possible, the Battle for Tom was even worse . Not only did he have to contend with the death of his father but he also had to cope with being left for dead on the corpse strewn battlefield.

Waking amongst the shattered remains of his comrades changes Tom and this leads him to a darker part of his soul.

Making back to his unit, Tom becomes a lucky charm for some…The man who cheated death at Edgehill.

Believing himself charmed, Tom is prepared to take ever greater risks that will lead him into the heart of the King’s capital and face to face with an old foe.

Meanwhile their sister Bess is on a mission off her own. Traveling across the war-torn country, she is determined to reunite her brothers and bring the family back together but she could be placing them both into even worse danger.

For the Rivers brother they are both inexorably drawn to Newbury and the sounds and sights of battle. Will they end up facing each other in the heat of battle and can they both survive the slaughter?

Brother’s Fury is the second book in Giles Kristian’s trilogy on the Rivers family and their exploits during the English Civil war.

This book picks up from where The Bleeding land ends and follows the brothers as they battle the psychological demons released by the slaughter at Edgehill.

As a self confessed EnglishCivilwarphope these books have brought to life the struggles and dangers of the period. From the religious strife to the development of modern warfare this books show the progression from the old world into new. It touches on the development of propaganda and the power of the written word and also the importance of supply and intelligence.

I really enjoyed the character development in this book. We see both brothers move from idealistic young men who believe passionately about their causes to hard bitten, battle scared leaders of men. It is really interesting as they both flirt with the dark side of their souls and struggle to contain the bloodlust.

Giles Kristian has two main strengths in my opinion. The first is the bond he develops between his main characters. You will see this in this excellent Raven series and it continues here. The horror and exhilaration of battle and conflict draw these men together and as you read the book, you invest a lot in these comradeship’s.

The banter and the conversations the author wraps around these groups of hard bitten men means you grow to like and admire them and as is the authors wont, when he kills one of them you really feel it!

The second strength of these books is the authors ability to write a compelling battle scene. I have always said that the author is unrivaled  in his power to bring the sounds and sights of a battle to life. Whether its the drumming of the hooves of a cavalry charge or the screams of the injured and dieing the descriptions suck you into the middle of the battle. Also, because we follow both brothers on opposite sides of the field you get an all round feel for the battle as you flick from one brother to another. I would almost call it 3D writing!

I must warn you that the last 100 pages of this book are amazing. As the battle unfolds I literally couldn’t put the book down. With each volley of musketry and cavalry charge I was desperately tearing through each page eager to find out what happened next and by the end I was breathless with excitement, it really was that good and if ever a book deserved the title ‘A page turner’ then this book is it!

As a fan of Giles Kristian I can happily say that he has delivered another outstanding book and one I can easily recommend!

Brother’s Fury


Giles has led a varied life to say the least. During the 90s he was lead singer of pop group Upside Down, achieving four top twenty hit records, performing twice on Top of the Pops, and singing at such venues as the Royal Albert Hall, N.E.C. and Wembley Arena. As a singer songwriter he lived and toured for two years in Europe and has made music videos all over the world, from Prague, Miami, Mexico, and the Swiss Alps, to Bognor Regis! To fund his writing habit he has worked as a model, appearing in TV commercials and ads for the likes of Walls Ice Cream (he was the Magnum Man) Canon cameras and two brands of lager! He has been an advertising copywriter and lived for two and a half years in New York where he wrote copy for movie marketing company Empire Design but mainly worked on his first novel.

Family history and his storytelling hero, Bernard Cornwell, inspired GILES KRISTIAN to begin writing his action-packed Viking series. The first book, Raven: Blood Eye, was published to great acclaim and two further highly praised novels, Sons of Thunder and Odin’s Wolves, complete the bestselling trilogy.

Giles’ fascination with the English Civil War began at school, where he appreciated the cold efficiency of Cromwell’s New Model Army but also revelled in the flamboyancy of the Cavaliers and the romance of the doomed Royalist cause. It is this complex and brutal conflict that provides the backcloth to his new historical series, The Bleeding Land.

He lives in Leicestershire.


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5 Responses to Brothers Fury by Giles Kristian

  1. Like the sound of this one Nick/Giles. Another winner.

  2. Bruce says:

    Since I met you my reading list grows and grows! I enjoyed the Raven trilogy. Giles has a knack for description. I especially liked the chapters at sea. You could almost taste the salt spray. And as you said strong character development similar to Cornwell. No mere hack and slash with Giles.

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