Just started Reading up on the Spanish Civil War…This is a great Blog post on it.

The History Company

Belchite skyline

The small town of Belchite in Aragon was reduced to rubble in the course of one of the bloodiest battles of the Spanish Civil War.

First taken by Republican troops on September 6 1937 it was won back by the Fascists in March 1938. General Franco ordered that it be left untouched – as a perpetual memorial to the wanton destruction wreaked by his enemies.

Walking around Belchite now is a chilling and moving experience.  You don’t readily find it on official tourist trails and there are no interpretive facilities.

A few years ago, you could pick up empty cartridge cases.  There is still the odd artillery shell sticking out from a wall.

It is difficult to walk away from Belchite without a desire to find out what happened there. This post is inevitably an incomplete sketch of the story – please leave a comment if you’ve something to add…

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