Devils with Wings:Frozen Sun by Harvey Black

With the triumph of the invasion of Crete behind them, Paul and the rest of the Fallschirmjager are detailed to take part in Adolf Hitler’s invasion of Russia. Operation Barbarossa will be the largest land invasion ever seen and the unique talents of the Fallschirmjager will be desperately needed.

Paul and his trusty sergeant Max, along with the rest of the battalion are thrust into battle, enjoying the heady days of summer 1941 as the German Army stream rollers into the beleaguered Russian Army.

With the German high Command using the battalion for specialist tasks, Paul and the rest of the Fallschirmjager have to contend with heavy artillery and Soviet amoured trains!

Pushed up to the front line, the Fallschirmjager are given the task of trying to contain the Soviet bridgeheads on the river Neva as the Russian army desperately tries to escape the encirclement of Leningrad.

As the Russian winter closes in, this turns into a war of attrition as the Russians repeatedly throw themselves at the thin line of  Fallschirmjager defenders. With causalities mounting from the increasingly bitter Russian winter and the attentions of the Russian Army, Paul and Max face a tough time trying to hold their command together and keep the Russians at bay.

Harvey Black is a self published author and Frozen Sun is the third book in the Devil with wings series. I have reviewed the first two books, Devils with Wings and Silk Drop previously.  It has been a real joy to see the progression of the three books, from the quite stilted dialogue of book 1 to the free flowing fast paced dialogue of this book.

I have to say I really enjoyed this book , I thought it brought home the journey these men made. From tanned confident warriors, confident in their leaders and their equipment to freezing, staving men, using anything to try and keep warm and as the casualties pile up they start questioning their commanders.

The level of detail is astonishing at times, every weapon and piece of equipment is loving described and now that the dialogue is much better it doesn’t clog the book up or slow down the story. It is almost a book of fiction and a factual record.

The relationship between Paul and Max is another bonus from this book. We have watched it develop over the three books and it is written with what feels like a real understanding of the bond between men who have seen the horrors of war.

This is a really great book and I would recommend it not only to people who have an interest in WW2 but also an interest in the comradeship between soldiers.

I know the author is currently writing a new series to be published next year but I really hope to see many more books in the Devils with Wings series.

Devils with Wings:Frozen Sun is out now.

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4 Responses to Devils with Wings:Frozen Sun by Harvey Black

  1. Thanks Nick. Your opinion is highly valued and you have been a staunch supporter right from the start. 🙂 The second edition of Devils with Wings, Book 1, is now out!! Paperback for pre-order and EBook now. The first of my Cold War series, ‘The Red Effect’, will be out in April 2013. I have asked you to write the forward to it, as i value you as a ‘Reviewer’ and a rapidly growing fountain of knowledge in Military History. And, of course, a friend. But, you do still owe me a breakfast. Harvey Black

    • It has been my pleasure Harvey…You keep writing good books and I will keep reviewing them. I am honoured that you have asked my to write the forward to ‘Red Effect’ and you are right…I do owe you a breakfast!

  2. NH Mallett says:

    I gotta go along with Harvey — Nick, you’ve been a big supporter of a great many writers (including at least one Canadian blogger!) Thanks!

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