Authors, Books and Twitter

One of the great things about using Twitter is meeting so many great people who share the same interests as me. Books, history and beer make for great discussions on Twitter! Anything book wise does seem to lend itself to Twitter, whether its talking about new books, authors or reviewers. From the largest publishing houses to the smallest indie booksellers, everyone is making use of Twitter and as a consequence, my TBR pile has never looked so large! One group of people who have used Twitter to their advantage is the unsigned, unpublished or self published writers.

I have been lucky enough to meet quite a few on Twitter and even though they are trying to ‘flog’ their books, they are all very nice people and amazing writers. I have recently read S..J.A Turney, Gordon Doherty, Martin Lake and I have really enjoyed their books and would heartily recommend them to anyone. One writer who I have recently discovered, is Harvey Black. Harvey’s  books are based during WWII and follow the adventures of Paul and Max, paratroopers of the famous Fallschirmjager regiment. I have reviewed both books, Devils with Wings and Silk Drop and again would recommend them to you.

Most of these writers are self published so publicity is key to their sales. If you like a book or an author and they are self published, then give them a hand when you can, write a review for Amazon, tweet about the books  and generally make a noise so hopefully a publishing house will sit up and take notice. Twitter has opened up a whole new world for me. I get to discuss books, writing, publishing and history with people whom I admire and like but beware….It is very addictive! Less real life work will be achieved!

Harvey Black is re-launching on the 10th March so have a click through the Links to get more information about Harvey and his great series of books. You can follow Harvey on Twitter @Black_Author.

Harvey Black Facebook

Harvey Black


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5 Responses to Authors, Books and Twitter

  1. Great video clips Spielberg

  2. cheerfulchic says:

    Great video clips indeed! Love the quote ‘less real life work will be achieved’ but social media is now a firm part of any author’s life, even after signing a contract! Harvey Black is a great example of an author who has written a sterling book (with his second book now available on Amazon – I know, I bought a copy and it arrived last week) and deserves to be read. So fingers crossed a publisher snaps him up really soon. Of course the other spin-off is that interesting review websites like this one have sprung up – so even though ‘less work’ gets done, we all get to meet interesting people who might not have crossed our paths before!

  3. Martin Lake says:

    I couldn’t agree more with cheerfulchic. Any writer needs readers and who could ask for more than a reader like Nick who is unfailingly enthusiastic and encouraging. The only trouble is that his recommendations are making my Kindle heavy.

  4. Debbie Young says:

    I’m a relatively new convert to Twitter but just love the level playing field it gives to all authors, whether self-published or mainstream, low profile or household names. As a writer, there simply is no other way to rub shoulders with so many people in your broad fields of interest and influence. And the technology that makes it all possible never fails to amaze me either – though I admit my technical know-how doesn’t extend to understanding how electricity works, so I’m quite easy to impress on that front!

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