Private David Bell VC

While researching my  last blog, I discovered that one of the soliders mentioned was buried in a cemetery not far from were I live. So, this morning, despite the freezing weather I set off to find the grave of Private David Bell VC.

Private David Bell VC

Private Bell is buried in Woodlands Cemetery, Chatham Kent. In fact, three VC winners are buried there. Private Bell, Claude Congreve Dobson who won his VC in Russia 1919 and Eugene Esmonde who won his in WWII.

It is a lovely Cemetery, very well maintained and with a large Military section for men and officers stationed at Chatham. It didn’t take very long to find Bell’s grave and as you can see from the picture,  it is still looked after.  Walking around a military cemetery is a very sobering experience, seeing the rows of headstones all denoting a person who died while in service for their country brings it home, how much we owe these people.

Private Bell, may of died just over 90 years ago but I think we can still remember his bravery and his commitment never the less.

While wandering though the cemetery I came across the four graves of Fireman who died in the same accident in 1929. The headstone all stated that they had died in the Park Fete tragedy. It seems 15 people died during a firefighting exhibition!! Maybe a story there for a future blog!



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