Afrika Reich

It is 1952, and a decade after Hitlers Panzer s destroyed the BEF on the beaches  of Dunkirk, Germany and the British Empire are at an uneasy peace. In Africa the two powers have divided the continent between them and the Swastika is now flying over large swathes of Africa. German engineered Autobahns bisect the Jungle, Connecting gleaming new cities of German Africa.  Messerschmidt Jets fly overhead and Jack booted SS men patrol the streets. Under the control of Oberstgruppenfuhrer Walter Hochburg the SS is systematically clearing the native population from areas under it control, and attempting to create a new, white Germanic Africa.

Recognize this? No? Well thankfully this is the Alternate world created by Guy Saville  in his best selling book ‘Afrika Reich’. 

Our hero is Burton Cole, a grizzled ex-mercenary  who takes one last job, the assassination of Hochburg. Burton has a dark history with both Africa and Hochburg and while attempting to fulfill his contract sets of a train of events that could drown the continent in blood.

The attention to detail in this book is outstanding. Using actual German plans, the author has created and brought to life the various departments that control and maintain the different elements of the German State. These include, internal security, labour and racial purity.  He has developed new weapons for the SS that have to appear plausible for the 1950’s. He has also invented a sensible timeline of events form 1941. These outline what occurred to the various countries after peace was declared. This leaves plenty of material for future books. (book two is going to be set in Madagascar and the German plan to ship the Jews there) Even with this level of detail, the details and facts never get in the way of the story.

The Action scenes throughout the book are well written and of such a pace that they keep you on the edge of your seat. The train journey though the jungle pursued by SS helicopter gunships is a great example of this. The secondary characters have enough flesh on them to make you care for them and Burton Cole is going to be a great action hero.

This is an impressive debut book from Guy Saville and if you enjoyed SS GB or Fatherland then you will love this book.



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