Shall I give this a try?

Well everyone else seems to be doing it.

Most of my live I have lived a double life. On the one hand I was your typical beer swilling, Oasis singing yobbo from the 1990’s, on the other, I was a reading nut with a huge passion for history, not the sort of thing you talk about in the Castle Tavern Woolwich!

My friends have no interest in reading or history so my chance to talk to people about either is limited, hence I spend way to much time on the internet discussing books and history sometimes at the same time!

I have three loves in life. My family, reading and history. When I combine the last two I become a very happy person, the first normally gets in the way of me enjoying the last two! I try to read every day without fail and I can finish a good book in a day. Reading has brought my so much pleasure over the years and I truly believe we are living though the golden age of book. The amount of new authors out there is staggering and the choice and range of books is amazing. It is ironic that its happening now when Amazon is so determined to destroy 1. Bookshops and 2. the book!

My favourite authors include, Conn Iggulden, Bernard Cornwall (of course), Ben Kane, Anthony Riches, Doug Jackson, Giles Kristian and Guy Saville to just name a few. I enjoy all periods of history but any book on the Romans will have me reaching for it.

So what is the purpose of this bog?……No idea really. I will try to review books I have enjoyed, discuss history that interests me and any other random stuff that enters my head! I am not a writer in any sense of the word so please forgive any mistakes!!!



About readinggivesmewings

Father of two girls with two passions, Reading and history. If I can combine the two then I am a happy person!
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One Response to Shall I give this a try?

  1. Martin Lake says:

    I’ve really enjoyed these reviews, Nick. They give a great intro to each book. I’ll certainly read a couple because of this. If you haven’t tried them yet please read Flashman and the others in the series. MacDonald Fraser is the master of the genre.


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